Sex Offenders: People Known And Too Often Trusted

A Florida man was arrested on charges he sexually abused a five-year-old girl, after her parents called deputies and said their daughter "had been sexually battered while attending a friend's party," according to a news release.

The parents also said they found evidence that Thompson had "committed lewd and lascivious acts on multiple young females." When deputies launched an investigation, they found that the man had been at the party attended by the victim. He allegedly lured her across the street to his house, sexually abused her, forced her to watch sexual material involving children and an adult male, then told her not to tell anyone, and went back to the party.

Upon executing a search warrant for the man's home, they found and removed a significant amount of electronics from the home, including images of child pornography. He was also charged with possession of child pornography. Chris Tisch "Manatee County man lured girl, 5, from birthday party to sexually abuse her," (Apr. 07, 2022).

Commentary and Checklist

Why the man was attending the birthday party, we do not know for sure, but most likely he was known to the neighborhood, the child, and the family and was invited. If the facts alleged are proven, he most likely took advantage of the party as a distraction to other adults so he could lure the child away.

Sexual abusers can be friends, neighbors, and family members. Sex offenders can be found in families, schools, churches, youth sports leagues, recreation centers, and any other place children gather.

Parents and other safe adults must be constantly vigilant at gatherings such as parties and other events involving multiple adults mingling with children.

What are some warning signs of possible predator behaviors?

  • A desire to be near children as much as possible
  • A desire to be alone with one or small group of children without other adults present
  • A preference of being around children over adults
  • Frequently visits places where children are present like playgrounds or youth centers
  • Loiters in places where children are nude, semi-nude or can be viewed without notice like bathrooms and locker rooms
  • Wants children to view them as preferable over other adults
  • A hyper-focus on a child or group of children
  • Talks, writes and acts like a child
  • Expresses a fondness of things and activities children like, such as video games or social media chatrooms
  • Ignores boundaries including, but not limited to, boundaries meant to protect children
  • Touches children inappropriately
  • Makes comments about the bodies or appearances of children
  • Provides gifts, money and favors to children
  • Provides alcohol and/or drugs to children
  • Produces child pornography
  • Sends sexual images of themselves or others to children
  • Solicits children and/or parents or guardians of children to produce child pornography
  • Takes and collects images of unrelated children
  • Makes sexual comments about children
  • Speaks in sexually derogatory terms about children
  • Overcomplimentary of the one or a few children
  • Frequently communicates with children in person or online without other adults present or knowing
  • Seeks relationships with children online
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